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Aerosoft's - HelgolandX 1.10

Helgoland X is our most exiting FSX scenery at this moment
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Aerosoft's - HelgolandX 1.0 is an add-on scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on has an extreme detail for scenery along with a 1 meter resolution mesh which enables the user to see even the smallest dunes.

The scenery has several missions included with varying difficult levels. There are animated sea gulls while flying with realistic cases of accidents if hit by one. The scenery objects like waves, bird, ships and church bell sounds are liked to various sound effects. The add-on has extensive shipping traffic which is prominent on nearby shipping lane, oil rig and most regular scheduled ship traffic. It features some extremely short runways like the Helgoland-dune airfield. A rescue mission is also added to it which includes a SAR helicopter base of Germany navy.

The add-on has a highly detailed mittleplatte oilrig along with a moving and land-able German navy frigate. The aerial images included in the scenery have been updated according to the latest conditions. There are various effects like the night and seasonal textures.

HelgolandX scenery provides various levels of challenges to the user. There are various sets of missions where the user has to operate the aircraft in different situations. It adds realism and enthusiasm to the simulator.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Realistic scenery and missions


  • Some prominent glitches present
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